India: Land of Beauty and Pleasure

India is a country where fusion of different arts and cultures has occurred; India is a land where the transmission of customs and beliefs is being done peacefully, since ages. India has been gifted the beauty of flora and fauna on to its wide canvas spanning from the Himalayan Peaks to the shores of great oceans.

A Keralite Dancer in Sari

Here is some glimpses that would make your known about one of the oldest civilizations of the world: The India

The articles in this blogsite are written by Naval Langa. It is an humble attempt to let the people of world know something about India. But if you want to know about the real India, just contact your travel agent, and book an air ticket to India. the land of India would give you a warm welcome, and the people of India would make you feeling at home. [Image courtesy By Oct11988duh (Own work) [Public domain or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], viaWikimedia Commons ]


In India, the international tourists would find a hotel suitable to his or her purse. You may prefer a Five star Hotels like Taj Inter continental, Oberoi Sheraton and similar hotel catering the needs of those who wants to pay more for extra facilities and comforts. You may choose a low tariff hotel, a budget hotel, that would not compromise with the health standard, but they will charge less fare due to some obvious reasons.

The Indian Railways and all the international and domestic airlines in India provide the facilities of online booking of tickets. You decides the day and time of your journey and they would happily offer you a comfortable seat available.

Local Transport

For local transport in India you would find number of choices: from small auto rixo to the buses operating at fixed rates. While traveling a big city, it would be advisable to have a recent road map that would help you to enjoy much.

So when you wish to enjoy the unforgettable journey seeing the sun, sand and sunlight of India, pick up your phone, dial a number of a travel agent, and book a ticket to India. Happy Journey To India.

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