Ayurvedic Spa and Massaging, Thai Massage

India offers a range of choices for tourists. For those who come for availing the health tourism, there are ample opportunities. One of the best facilities offered is the combination of modern spa and traditional Ayurvedic health treatment packages.

The Massage

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient traditions of ailments. Massage done with Ayurvedic herbs is like a feast to our body and senses. All the medicines and materials used under this system of ailment have no or minimum side effects, as they all are made from the food stuffs or from the plants which are safe for the human consumption. Combining these facilities with spa treatments, the tourist centres in India offer visitors the opportunity to maintain their well-being and good health. It reduces fatigue and increases welness of our body.

What is Ayurvedic Spa

The concept of spa had originated in ancient time. Basically it refers to the use of water in increasing the wellness of human body. But under the Ayurvedic system of ailment, spa is not only the act of massaging with water and certain oils. It is very much beneficial in relaxing and increasing total well-being. Ayurveda system of ailments with spa helps the person taking it in energizing his or her body, stimulating the mind and calming the body related complexities. You should not be surprised when you visit such a spa centre in India and find different types of treatments done there. These centers offer facilities like de-stressing, detoxification and cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-aging, and weight loss therapies.

Spa Treatments in India

Ayurveda is an age-old treatment of ailments; it includes treatment for benefiting our body mind and soul. The inclusive therapy known as panchkarma (Five actions) is one of the most known ailments. Ayurvedic and spa treatments offered at many resorts and tourists centres in India have helped visitors in experiencing the benefits offered. Under these treatments they offer the tourist different facilities like massaging, oiling whole body and the body parts, water treatment, sauna bath, and natural medicines. The visitors would get idea about food therapy, nutrition and fitness, useful tips for reducing weight, and technique for delaying the aging process.

Due to modern lifestyle, we develop complications like insomnia, mental stress and tension, and muscular weakness. The Ayurvedic discipline of medicines strives for removal of body ailments by uprooting the causal factors embedded in our bodies. Due to this the demand for Ayurvedic ailments is increasing day by day. People prefer availing natural system of ailments. Looking to this trend, Ayurveda and Spa centres in India have come forward with such facilities. You would find such services at centres like Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan where the tourists come in flocks and revisit at regular intervals. (Image courtesy By Debat-Ponsan mort + de 70 ans (Musée des Augustins Toulouse) [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons)

What is Thai Massage


Thai massage is originated before 2500 years in Buddhist traditions of remedial treatments for ailment and keeping our body healthy. It is combination of Indian, Chinese and Thailand practices. Thai massaging is based on theory that the wind or air flows in our body in a definite rhythm and any disorder created in it would make us feeling uncomfortable.

Thai Massage

The massage keeps the flow regular or corrects its disorder. No oil is used in this massaging. Thai massage makes us feeling stress free. During massaging, the recipient can wear comfortable clothes as the practitioner would be touching softly and even applying rhythmic pressure on some parts of the body. The parts of body like, legs, thighs, buttocks, belly, neck and even the ears get softer massaging. Thai massaging is remedial on one hand and on another it is a pleasant experience. The tourists coming to Thailand and in India prefer to get Thai massage in the massage parlors. (Image courtesy By Marcin Bober (www,thaisun.pl) [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons)

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