Gomateswar (Bahubali) : Shravanabelagola, The Largest Statue in World

BahubaliBhagwan-1Shravanabelagola is in Hassan District of the state of Karnatak in India. It is 157 km away from Bangalore, the city of Information and Technology. This statue and temple is an important place for Jainism or Jain Religion.

The Largest Statue in the World

The statue of Bahubali or Gomateswar is 438 feet high. It is the highest statue in the world in its kind of the statues. The city is a pilgrimage centre for Digambar sect of Jain religion. There are several other sculptures carved out of big stones. The followers of Jain religion believes in the teachings of the great saints whom they call as tirthankars. There were twenty four tirthankars. Saint Adinath is believed to be the first in that line.

The main statue is on a hill. Bahubali, whose statue is here, was younger son of Saint Adinath. If you visit the town below the hill there is a Jain monastery. The monastery is a place where the devotees reside. There temples also near the monastery. Here the tourists can see very old paintings done on the walls of the buildings of temple and the monastery. The floral designs on these buildings are very artistic. The temples on hill Chandragiri is built by Emperor Ashoka. He had built this temple in third century B. C. He had dedicated this temple to the Emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya. In his last years, Emperor Ashoka was living like a monk and he had renounced practicing violence.


In most part of the Southern India, the motorway and railway is available. Bangalore is an international airport. To visit the town where the statue of Shravanabelagola stands is very easy. Tourists can go there either from Bangalore or from Mysore city. It would be a good idea to go by road. If you hire a car on rent, you would enjoy the greenery of Indian land on the way.


The tourists visiting Shravanabelagola would find no difficulty in finding comfortable and cheap accommodation. One would find the rates of hotels and dining suitable to his or her pocket. You would find the restaurants serving all types of Indian dishes. Local transport is also cheap and easily accessible. You can hire vehicles like Car or auto on rent. Car rentals are decided by the government. The state transport buses also provide frequent services facilitating the pilgrims and tourists visiting sacred place. (Image courtesy By Amitjain80 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons)

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