HEALTH TOURISM: Destination India

SimlaPeople are fond of visiting places; people are required to find solutions for their health problems. When both of these aspects combine, the concept of health tourism emerges. Here enters the role of countries like India. People have reasons to choose India as destination for health tourism.

Simla, India

People needing health solutions for their problems prefer India as their destination. They have specific reasons to do so. Here are top ten reasons why the people of the whole world think about visiting India for the purpose of health tourism.

Cost Effective: The crucial factor is ever increasing cost of availing medical and surgical services. These treatments in USA, Canada, and European countries are becoming more and more costly.

Insurance Cover: Health insurance companies hardly cover entire cost a patient would incur for his or her treatment. Hence some people from these countries who prefer to avail medical and health facilities outside of their home country.

Quality of Service: It is not a matter of surprise that Hospitals in India have received much recognition for the services they provide to the patients. Their services have passed the test of quality.

Modern Hospitals: The field of health services in India owns state of the art hospitals with pool of qualified doctors and nurses.

Latest Equipments: They have invested in importing modern equipments from developed countries.

Competitive Facilities: It is needless to mention that what Indian hospitals offer to their patients is similar to the facilities they would receive in USA, Canada or European countries. However availing health services in India would cost considerably less.

No Waiting Period: In western countries people are facing the problem of waiting for getting proper treatment. Somehow these countries have failed to provide immediate medical and surgical services whenever their citizens need the same; hence they have to face the big boulder of 'waiting list'. In India there is nothing like waiting list.

Alternative Medicines: In addition to the modern allopathic treatments, India offers traditional treatments, too. These treatments include Ayurvedic therapies, full body spa, and alternative medicines.

Language of Communication: There is one special reason for the tourists to prefer India as their destination for medical tourism. India has the second largest 'English speaking population' in the world, only next to USA. In India more than 100 million people can speak and understand English. This is the main advantage for India on one hand, and on another it helps Indian hospital to easily communicate with the patients coming from abroad.

Hospitals in India

The hospitals in India provide affordable health care options. India is the second largest developing country in the world. While the Indian economy has done well in all the sectors of production and services, it has gone very far in developing and providing the facilities of Medical and Surgical services to the people. Here it is a humble endeavor to provide primary information about the Medical and surgical services available In Indian. For those who visit India for their having Medical and Surgical services, India is the most suitable place.

More and more Health Insurance Companies, Employers, and Health Insurance Agents look at Medical Tourism. The medical tourism is considered to be the creative solution to the healthcare crisis. Merging medical expertise and tourism have become the government of India's policy. Due to this the quality of medical treatments and the Medical Tourism in India has witnessed an enormous growth. the ultra modern facilities have opened a world of opportunities in infrastructure in the medical sector. And that is the reason why has become the most favoured destination of the Medical tourism.

There are several Health Care packages available. However, these will be based on the requirements of the person and his holiday needs. A person intending to avail any of the following facilities can contact the hospitals in India via telephone, through online chat for detailed information. They can ask for the total cost of the treatment and the detailed quotes for availing the medical and surgical treatments in Indian hospitals. The Medical and surgical facilities available in India can be broadly classified in following segments. (Image courtesy By Cometstyles [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons )

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