Indian Railways and Car Rentals

From a starting day in 1853, the journey of the Indian Railways is increasingly progressive. In a nation of 1200 Millions of citizens, the Indian train travels on 1, 15, 000 Km. of tracks touching more than 7,500 stations. Most of the stations are being modernized to meet the newer challenges of the needs of the tourists.

The Indian Railways is important for Indian people. India has second largest population in the world; and the train services are like the veins in body of Indian economy. It is the single largest employment provider in India.

For the tourists who want to know real India, the 65K km network of railways is a nice option. At every corner of India, you would find a friendly staff, assisting assist you to explore the interesting places in India. Tourists can book their tickets at any computerized station; or you can book your tickets at any authorized travel agent, too. The network for booking the tickets is wonderful one. One would find fully computerized station almost in every district of India. The tourist-friendly staff at every station would eagerly serve the needs of the tourists.

India Dishes

While traveling in India, no one would like to miss the tastes of Indian dishes. For the benefits of local passengers and the tourists coming from all over the world, the Indian trains keep adding more and more facilities. In addition to sanitary facilities at every station, you can arrange your stay in the guest houses available at big stations. The enticing smell coming from the restaurants run at railway stations would certainly attract the taste buds of tourists.

Here you can order a Punjabi lunch or a south Indian dish. Those who are coming to India for the first time would find the tourist help centres at important stations. Here you can get information about accommodations, cheap hotels, car rentals, onward booking of your journey, travel agents and other data a traveler in India would need.


BMIC-Mallasandra-flyoverIf you want to enjoy seeing the cities of India, then you should take the services of the Car Rentals. These services are available in all the metro cities of Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Chennai (Madras) and Kolkata (Calcutta).

Meant for providing assistance to the tourists and making it comfortable for them to visit all the places without traffic problems, renting of a car is an easy solution. Travelers have option to choose to rent any car from the range of cars like of Benz, Accord, Ford Ikon, Fiesta, Honda City, Indica and many more. Car rental agencies rent out multi-utility, high capacity cars like Tavera, Qualis, and Sumo meting needs of the tourists. These vehicle renting agencies categorize the vehicles to suit the tourists' specific needs and also to fit in their budget.

The car rental agencies in the metro cities of India offer the services of the best chauffeurs who are both experienced and friendly. They also offer discount car rentals. Customer's satisfaction always remains the buzz word for such service providers, as their business is dependent of the tourists. This factor makes them offering the best of services at the most economical rates. Indian car rental provides the tourists a hassle free and luxurious travel.

The tourists visiting India can contact these car rental agencies at any of the airports or at big railway stations. Addresses and telephone numbers of such car renting agencies can be availed from the tourists help centres. [Image courtesy By Amolnaik3k [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons By Rsrikanth05 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons), and Indian dishes By Deror avi (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons ]

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