Metro Cities of India: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore

Skyline, Mumbai (Bombay)
Modern India is a country where you would find temples and elephants existing amicably with the business of microchips. Being the land of peaceful coexistence, India has places of all the religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrian. It is a country where the ancient monuments are the background to understand the largest democracy of world. Your visit to India is bound to be a memorable one. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Mumbai (Bombay)

Mumbai (Bombay) is the city where every visitor would find pleasure. This city of economic activities holds number of places the tourist would love to visit. They would find each and every edifice interesting, whether it is a museum or a historical site. Here is some information that would be a good guide for a traveller who visits Mumbai for the first time.

Gateway of India, Mumbai (Bombay)

In addition to the city being the commercial capital of India, here you would find enjoyable mix of people. Here you would find the scenes where traditional places like temples, churches, and mosques stand alongside the modern structures like five start hotels. There are very old residential buildings representing the bygone era of architectures; there are multi-storey shopping malls offering the cheapest goods to the tourists.

Tourist Interest Places: Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It has a memorable history and rich heritage of economic progress of India. The tourists would find numerous interesting sites to visit.

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New Delhi
Red Fort, New Delhi

Every nation has its soul. India has its soul bubbling with vigour. If we are to select one place that would represent the soul of India, the city of New Delhi would be an obvious choice. Delhi is the city where there are imprints of imperialism and colonialism. It has aroma of the largest democracy in the world. This combination paints the city with picturesque details. New Delhi is the city where every visitor would find pleasure. On its landscape, the ancient city of old Delhi holds number of places to visit: the forts, green gardens, temples, churches, and mosques.

Delhi is capital of India; it is also a mirror to the memorable history and rich heritage of the Indian subcontinent. The tourists would find hundreds of interesting places in this city. If we look at the architecture of the edifices standing here, it looks like blend of ancient traditions and modernity.

Places of Interest for Tourists: The city of is a like a written script of the memorable history of India. The tourists would find hundreds of places of historical interest in this city and its surrounding areas, as the rich heritage of the Indian past is located here. The major attractions are Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Old Fort of Indraprasth, and Jantar Mantar observatory. The complex of Presidential residence and parliament of India are the representatives of modern architecture in India. The city is dotted with forts, temples, mosques and eye-pleasing gardens. (Image courtesy By Alex Furr (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/265265) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons )

Kolkata (Calcutta)
Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Kolkata was the centre for culture and politics, education, industry, and science in India. The city and their population have seen intense political violence, group clashes and economic ups and downs since independence of India. Like all other big cities in India, the city of Kolkata is struggling with the problems of rapid and uncontrolled growth of population. But a visit to this place would be like to meeting all the components with witch the nation of India is built up.

Standing on the bank of River Hooghly, Kolkata (Calcutta) is a mirror of the memorable history and rich heritage of economic and political progress of India. It is the city where you would find visible imprints of the imperialism, as it was capital of India during British Rule until the year 1911.

History : Calcutta is one of the most distinguished cities of India. It was the centre for culture, politics, education, industry, and science in India. Before 1947 this city had seen ongoing struggle for the independence of India. Here the Bengalese people are known for their revolutionary ideas. After independence, it has seen intense political violence, and group clashes. Presently it is struggling with the problems of rapid and uncontrolled growth of population.

Places of Tourist Interest : The city of Kolkata is a place where every visitor would find pleasure as a tourist. On its landscape it holds number of places to visit: the gardens full of greenery, temples of Hindu religions, mosques of Muslim religions, and places for worshipping of all major religions of the world. While visiting the city, you would find each and every edifice memorable. Here are some of the places which the tourists would not miss to visit.

Dakshineswar Temple of Goddess Kali : Being one of the most famous temples in India, the visitors and devotees of Goddess Kali would come to visit this place. It is a big complex built on bank of river Hooghly.

Queen Victoria Museum: The city of Kolkata is well-decorated by the buildings of gothic style. Several buildings are designated as "Heritage Structures" and they are preserved by the government itself. One of the best examples is the building of Victoria Memorial Museum. This museum depicts the history of the city.

Howrah Bridge : This bridge links the cities of Howrah and Calcutta. It is erected on the river Hooghly. Though this bridge is built in 1937, it is still the major bridge for the people of city. There is motorway and rail road on this bridge. If we sail in a boat under this bridge, it would be one of the most memorable experiences of our life.

St. Paul Cathedral : This cathedral was built when India was under the rule of British People. The period of this rule is popularly known as British Raj. The cathedral of Saint Paul built in this city is one of the finest specimens of Gothic style of buildings. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons )

Chennai (Madras)
Chintadripet Metro Station, Chennai

Formerly know as Madras, Chennai is one of the major cities in South India. Here the visitors would find pleasure and peace at every corner of the city. On its clean roads and peaceful streets, this city holds number of places which would be memorable for a tourist.

How to Reach at Chennai (Madras) : Most of the international airlines have direct flights to Chennai on their flight schedules. You can have your ticket booked in any of these airlines: Air India, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Air Lanka and Malaysia Airlines. The city is connected with major cities of India via domestic flights.

The city of Chennai is connected with all major cities in India by Indian Railways. India has one of the longest motorways in the world. This city is prominently set on these motorways. In addition to the city being the commercially major city in the South India, here in Chennai you would find the enjoyable mix. Here you would find the scenes where traditional living meets modern lifestyles.

Places of Tourist Interest : In the city of Madras the tourist would love to see the buildings of Gothic Style of architecture. The main buildings are the St. George Fort and Egmore Railway Station. Egmore is the railway station where you can drive your car almost near to the side of a train. The Marina beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Bangalore: Known as the Information and Technology Capital of India, Bangalore is one of the major cities situated in the southern part of the county. Here the visitors would find pleasure and peace. On its landscapes it holds places of interest for the tourists: green gardens, ancient monuments, and old churches. While visiting the city you would find each and every edifice entertaining you. India is the land where atomic energy is generated and industrial development has brought the country within top five most fast developing nations of the world. The developing metro cities like Bangalore are the backbone of India's progress. (Image of Gateway of India courtesy By Rhaessner (Own work) [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html">GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons)

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