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Raj PathSnow clad mountain peaks, ever-flowing rivers, green fields, dense forests, and the wonderful deserts are trade mark of Indian land. If you want to enjoy all of these beauties of the Mother Earth in a single country, then a visit to India should be your first choice.

India Gate, New Delhi

India is a vast country. These are some of the important places for the interest of the tourist. These spots would make their stay in India a memorable one.

Kashmir: You visit Srinagar; you visit Pahalgam; you visit Skiing resort at Gulmergh; or you visit the northern tip at Leh; the memorable experience of your life is a must.

Rajasthan: For the tourists nothing can be more alluring than the exotic deserts, camels, historical forts, and colourful dances of people. Rajasthan would give your all at the same place. The geography of Rajasthan is identified with deserts; the history of the region is full of war memories. Here the Mughals fought their decisive battles; here the Rajaput kinks defended their land with ardent fervor of patriotism. It makes the northern part of India a land of palaces. Most of these castles are, built by the medieval kings and emperors who ruled India.

The tourists roaming all over the world desire visiting Rajasthan at least for once in their life. This charming landscape is dotted with exotic palaces and beautified by the sand of desert. The local people displaying their dances and colourful dresses would be the most pleasant aspect for the tourists coming to India in general and to Rajasthan in particular. among number of beautiful locations in this area, the following are most visited places.

Jaipur, Once the capital of royalty in India,is in the western part of the country, now known as the State of Rajasthan. On their first visit the tourists would fall in love of Jaipur: so are picturesque its forts and gardens, so exotic is the landscape. Jaipur, founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai, is the city that was made by planning, perhaps first time in India.

Pushkar: Those who visit India for their leisure tour, they hardly miss to see the temples and lake of Pushkar. But the tourists from western countries flock in during the festival season of the fair. Talking about the traveller on vacation tour of India, we can say that there are tons of them from lands for away. The event of Pushkar Fair has become now single biggest draw for foreign tourists in Rajasthan, India.

Kerala: If the exotic greenery, the land full of water bodies, and clean seashore are on the desire list of a tourist, he or she would certainly go first to Kerala. The state of Kerala is situated in southern region of India. It is known for its exotic locations and picturesque greenery; and thus it is rated high among the tourist centers in India. Due to its unique attraction, Kerala is known as "God's Own Country". The state Kerara and the city of Thiruvanthpuram (Trivendrum) are also famous for being the venues for Boat Races.

A Keralite Dancer in Sari( Mohini Attam: a dance performance)

'Boat races' are organized annually in Kerala. These events are representatives of the ethos of the land. Boat racing is a sport that signifies excellent team spirit. The exciting crowd of spectators gathers on bank of rivers to witness the integration and amity of the participants of race. As these races are attraction for foreign tourists, tens of thousands of people witness the water sports carnival when the fierce 'Vallom Kallies (boat races)' are organized here.

It is a festival of vibrant colours, organized in the exotic backwaters. During these festivals of boat racing, one would not miss being thrilled by the racing scenes. The events make spectators spell-bound. They will witness cheering actions, laying bets, and goading the boatmen to row faster.

Places Where Boat Races are Held : The water carnivals and snake boat races are held annually at a place known as Aranmula. It is situated on the bank of River Pamba. Other places where the major races are organized are Papiyad near Quilon and Thayathangadi near Kottayam. These festivals of boating are held on the sacred occasion of the festival of Onam. It is also the end of harvesting season for the local people.

It is the most important celebration for the festival lover people who live in villages. The participants of the races come mainly from these villages. They participate in the festival and competitive races. They come to enjoy the events with their small, big and long boasts.

To visit the sites of boat races could be a memorable event for the tourists coming to India. It is like a grand feast for the eyes of tourists. All the viewers get together on palm shaded banks and hold their breath in excitement. They witness speeding boats of various types. The Snake Boats, called as 'Chundans', have long hulls and steep sterns. Its shape reminds us raised hood of a cobra. About one hundred muscle-powered oarsmen would be on board of a boat. A group of musicians also would accompany them. These boats dash furiously towards the finishing line. They fight to win for their glory.

Historical Places: Taj Mahal would be the first choice of the tourist coming to India. But the Forts in the cities of South India, and Rajasthan would also be an enjoyable target for the tourists.

Religious Places: From the northern Himalayan range of Kashmir to the southern tip of Kanya Kumari, India is full of religious places. As India is the land of all the religions of the world, here you find the sacred places attached with all of them. Any person who has visited India once would like to revisit. [Images courtesy By Seb & Jen[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons , Keralite Dancer By Oct11988duh (Own work) [Public domain or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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