Mughal Forts, Architecture and Palaces

View from a balcony, Agra FortIndia is the most favoured destination of the world tourists. And the city of Agra is an important holiday target for every person who lands on the land of this country. The city of Agra is full of places with historical connections and cultural importance.

Agra Fort

After you have seen the world famous Taj Mahal, the next interesting place would be Agra Fort. It is one of the alluring attractions in the city. If the tourists visiting India wants to know about the Mughal culture and the living style of the people during fifteenth and seventeenth century, visit to such historical places is very much informative and entertaining, too. They would get the real picture of the same after knowing about places like Agra fort. This fort is specimen of the style of architecture used in building castles and palaces of medieval India.

Jahangiri Mahal (Agra Fort)

Mughal princes and Emperors kept their women mostly away from the public exposure. The residences for women were devised to provide them such privacy. The Jahangiri Mahal is an integral part of Agra fort. It is one of the buildings where women of royal household resided.

This monument is made of red stones which were available in nearby areas. As the mines of such sand stones were located in central India and Rajasthan, it was easy to use these stones for such big erections. You will find a big gate that would lead to a splendid courtyard and big residential rooms for the queens. On the walls of the courtyard and the rooms there are stone carvings, witnessing the Persian style of art and architecture.

Watch tower (Agra Fort)

This portion of the fort is designed to be used by the security personals. So it is called the watch tower. The internal security of women and children were of paramount interest for the royal families. No one except the authorized person would enter into this area without going through the scrutiny of he guards posted on such watch towers.

Marble Walls and Carvings (Agra Fort)

It was the mughal style to build palaces using plenty of marble stones. The mines situated in the state of Rajasthan are full of such precious while marble. Inner walls of the room would be full of carvings done on marble stones. Unlike Taj Mahal, here you would find the carvings on simple stones. But the architectural beauty is the same as used in the period where Indian buildings were built by combining Indian style and Persian style of architecture. (Image courtesy By michael clarke stuff (Agra Fort 15 HDR Uploaded by Ekabhishek) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

Mughal forts are built by the Mughal emperors of India. They ruled India in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


By michael clarke stuff (Agra Fort 15 HDR Uploaded by Ekabhishek) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], from Wikimedia Commons


Diwan -E- Aam , Red Fort Agra. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

(Image courtesy By Hans A. Rosbach [null], from Wikimedia Commons)


Diwan -E- Aam , View from inside, Red Fort Agra. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

(Image courtesy By Hans A. Rosbach [CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons )

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