Skiing and Polo Sports in India

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The winter sport is not new to the tourist coming to India, and the Himalayan Mountains of North India. In the month of November and December foreign tourist flock in India. For the tourists who are in search of mountaineering and skiing, the season of winter is the best season.

Snow-clad Locations in India

As you travel northward, you would find the exotic locations providing some of the best winter sports facilities in India. These sports destinations are well equipped with cheap and economy hotel accommodations. You would find Manali a wonderful place.

Manali is one of the best hill stations of India. It is situated in the Kullu valley of State of Himachal Pradesh. Here the tourists would find ample chances for making their tour a memorable one. This town is located on a high altitude in Himalayan range of mountains. Modern facilities for the winter sports lovers are well-established in this place. They would find easy access to the skiing resorts and the skating tracks. The snow covered peaks of the highest mountain range of the world would put the tourists into memorable moments of their life.

Training in Skiing and Skating:

If you are a novice to the sports, you should not worry. You would find a good trainer here. They would help the amateur sportsmen in every respect. They would also protect them from doing any body harm. Though the skiing and skating tracks are maintained well, you are required to keep your eyes well on the sloppy snow-clad paths. Fees that the trainers charge would not be high, considering the pleasant experience it provides.

Winter Sport Accessories

Here you would need winter clothes. In Manali, the temperature during winter remains between -7C (19F) and 10C (50F).The warm clothes are sold in every departmental store in the cities of India. In addition the required accessories for skiing and skating sports are available here in local shops. Here the travellers can shop for the accessories like boots, braces, hats, helmets, goggles and gloves for the winter sports. Socks, sunglasses and adult skiwear are easily available. To do shopping in this mountain top city is an enjoyment in itself. (Image courtesy By Miya.m (Miya.m's file) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons )


What is Polo?

Polo is a team sport. It is played on horseback with aim to score goals against the opponent team. It is one of the oldest sports of India. It is believed to be originated in India. Polo came to the western countries from Manipur, a state in North East India.

History of Polo

Since the time of Mughal Emperors and Rajput kings of medieval period, the sports of Polo is played in India. These kings and prices were fond of playing the same. They did it for the purpose of getting thrill and excitement of the sports. We can say that India is the cradle of polo, the game of bygone era. The polo has evolved here and has reached its modern stage.

India was under the British Rule for many years. During the rule of British Raj in India, the game became popular among the British Army officers. They played it for their recreation. They arrange matches and events where the game was played. The princes of the erstwhile Indian princely states were participants in these events.

Modern Polo

Today it has acquired a status of major games in India. Facilities for playing polo are available at various centres like Gilgit, Chitral, Ladakh and Manipur and Jaipur.

In addition to being the pioneer in the sports of polo, India is promoting the game, too. If you are interested in the game, you are welcome in India. You would find the cheapest facilities to learn the sport. There are polo clubs offering training packages for the mature players and the sport lover tourists. Here you would find polo training courses for beginners and professional class of the established players.

Polo in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan this sport has its ancient roots. It is played here since the medieval period. The rulers of Rajasthan and their princes were fond of playing the game of polo for their amusement and recreation. There sport is famous among the women, too. The spectators in India, too, have cultivated ample interest in viewing the polo competitions.

In Rajasthan, near Jaipur, you would find facilities of polo clubs. These cubs are equipped with quality stables and well-maintained polo fields. In addition to this they offer the facilities of swimming pools, tennis courts, polo sports equipments, polo T-shirts. Tourists coming to India would easily find comfortable accommodation in all the cities where the game of polo is played.

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