It is beyond doubt that Indian air travel is offering one of the cheapest sets of air travel rates. You can have tickets at really unbelievable unbelievably low rates. This is because, India has population of 1200 million people and it has a very good domestic market. But the tourists coming from other countries, too, play a vital role in occupying the comfortable seats of the Indian planes.
Indigo A 320 Interior

The Indian airlines like Indian (that was known as Air India formerly), Jet airways and Kingfisher are offering domestic and international flights. It is due to huge business of the outgoing and incoming travelers.

Cheap Air Ticket to India

Indian airlines can offer cheap air tickets due to the competitions they face among them. The airlines operating in India would charge you as per your plan of journey and segment wise. If you are comfortable to travel on the days having lesser traffic, you can have the benefit of incurring lower expenses towards your air tickets. If you prefer night journey, you would still be paying less on selected routes.

How To Book An Air Ticket

All the airline companies operating in India would book your tickets online. You may prefer to buy your ticket from your agents, too. The Indian airlines have their agents in every major city of the world. [Image courtesy By User:Jer.dv [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

Domestic airlines in India

India has increased its capacity to cater needs of domestic as well as international flyers. If you want to cover a distance in the shortest possible time, the domestic flights operating in India would be the best option. These are the main operators in India: India (Formerly known as Air India), Deccan Air, Spice Jet, King fisher airlines, Jet airways, Indigo, Jagson air lines and many other small airlines. all the operators offer you the best services possible and wold keep your expenses as low as possible.

Domestic Airlines of India

In addition to the continuous increasing flow of the international tourists, the newly powered and booming economy of India had also made it necessarily to have more facilities of air travel. The deregulation of air traffic from the hands of government on was a real boost for making it easy for the private air lines to do business in India.

In most of the metro cities the International flights are operative. These flights have domestic connections to get the travelers reaching at their various destinations. Here some of the main airlines catering the needs of the domestic air travelers and international tourists are narrated in nutshell.

Air India

Air India is providing services to the domestic and international travelers. It is the biggest airline in India. As it is owned by Government of India, it has the largest pool of employees, vehicles, and wider choices of destinations for the tourists. air Air India also provides the Cargo services, which is very economic and reliable service.

Kingfisher airlines

Kingfisher is a privately owned and operated airlines in India, catering the needs of domestic and international tourists. It covers almost 50 destinations in India and selected destination abroad. The airline is well-known for its warm welcome given to the tourists.

Jet Airways

Claiming almost a quarter of total air traffic in India, Jet Airways plays a big brother's role in Indian air. There are other airways that cater mostly the needs of the domestic travel. Airlines like SpiceJet, Indigo, Go air, JetLite and Kinfisher Red operates domestically. they keep their air fare cheap and economic. However the tourists are required to know about the restrictions the weight of lugguage in every travel who charges lesser fare. [image at top courtesy: By http://flickr.com/photos/mitrebuad/ (http://flickr.com/photos/mitrebuad/2095927094/) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons ]
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